Review of Apple iPod Speakers

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The Apple iPod is by a wide margin the most prevalent compact advanced music player on the planet. All things considered, there are numerous embellishments out there that can enhance the iPod encounter for specific clients. Those that might want to attach their iPod to genuine speakers (or the individuals who are just tired of earphones) have a lot of decisions. Beneath you will locate a couple of our best picks for best Apple iPod speaker frameworks.

Logic3 I-Station iPod Dock and Speaker Station

Producers Description: Listen, revive, and synchronize your iPod or iPod Mini with the Logic3 i-Station docking connector. The i-Station produces hello there fi-quality sound by consolidating a subwoofer, dynamic tweeter speakers, and a 3D encompass sound processor. Interfacing your iPod to the i-Station is simple – recently fit the iPod into the opening and away you go. The dock even revives the iPod battery while it plays, giving you a chance to appreciate the music instead of stressing over the rest of the battery control.

The i-Station’s smart outline and minimal size (it weighs just .88 pounds) gives this ultra-convenient gadget a chance to fit unpretentiously in any room in your home while additionally stowing without end effectively. The unit is controlled either by the provided AC connector or four discretionary AA batteries, enabling audience members to utilize the gadget wherever they pick. The reduced outline even welcomes audience members to pack the gadget in a folder case, knapsack, or bag. The i-Station synchronizes with a PC or Mac by means of USB or FireWire links. It can likewise be utilized with other compact sound gadgets, for example, MP3 players, MiniDiscs, and CD players.

Cost: $90

Esteem Rating: 8.5/10 – This speaker station gives great sound quality to the cash. It additionally has great bass for a convenient framework.

Harman JBL On Stage iPod Docking Speaker System

Producers Description: JBL’s most up to date creation, On Stage is an insurgency in individual sound for all iPods. The On Stage is a minimized superior sound framework. Associated with your iPod, iPod smaller than normal, MP3 player or other music source, the On Stage will give spotless, capable sound. Incorporates four connector sleeves to suit all iPod models.


Similarity – The JBL On Stage is perfect with all adaptations of the iPod, including the iPod smaller than normal. A stereo smaller than normal jack association likewise enables you to appreciate great sound from an assortment of different gadgets, for example, MP3 and CD players, desktop PCs (all stages) and portable PCs. 230 Vac Europe

Simple to-utilize Touch-controls – Touch Volume Control – Just a touch increments or reduction the volume. A touch on the two cushions quiets or unmutes the framework. JBL On Stage likewise recalls your last volume setting even after the framework close down.

Transportable – Bring your On Stage out and about for extraordinary sound any place you go. The lightweight, minimal sound station can give full rich sound in any area.

Extra Features – OnePoint plan – The OnePoint iPod connectors give the association with your PC. Associate the standard iPod link to the back of the On Stage and each time you dock your iPod, you will have an association for synchronizing and charging.

Cost: $130

Esteem Rating: 8.0/10 – There have been a few bugs announced by clients, for example, volume control issues and static at high volumes. In any case, they have awesome sound in the mid-extends without a doubt, and are exceedingly compact.

Altec Lansing INMOTION iPod Portable Speaker System

Makers Description: You have a gazillion hours of music put away on your iPod yet as of not long ago, you’ve been the just a single moving. Presenting the Altec Lansing inMotion(TM) convenient sound framework. This little, ultra-convenient, battery-worked stereo framework is the main fueled sound framework outlined only for the iPod. A profoundly proficient Class D intensifier powers four full-run smaller scale drivers to convey a full range of immaculate, unmistakable sound, while the progressive MaxxBass(TM) innovation enables audience members to appreciate profound bass without dragging extensive speakers around. The best part is that availability is as simple as putting your iPod into the implicit dock or interfacing it through the assistant port.


– Highly effective advanced intensifier (Class D) produces most extreme power.

– High-execution, hand crafted neodymium Micro Drivers convey perfectly clear solid.

– Revolutionary MaxxBass® innovation makes profound bass without a subwoofer.

– Built-in docking station gives same synchronization and information exchange alternatives as your iPod dock (link excluded) and enables you to energize your iPod.

– Extra long battery life conveys up to 24 hours of constant playback with four AA batteries (excluded).

– Lightweight plan folds to close at 15 ounces and 8 inches wide, 5.4 inches profound and 1.2 inches thick.

– Convenient assistant information jack for association with other sound gadgets, including tablets, more established iPods, and other MP3 players (3.5mm stereo link included).

– Elegant, coordinated power and volume controls.

– Headphone jack for private tuning in.

Cost: $120

Esteem Rating: 8.5/10 – A brilliant general iPod speaker framework from Altec Lansing. Extremely pleasant slick plan and an awesome subwoofer.

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